May Fourth

Join the infrastructure resistance today!

Financial survival and independence on today‚Äôs Internet is tough. Big Tech permeates and controls virtually every aspect of our digital experience. When it comes to Internet infrastructure and network services, corporate giants such as Google, Amazon, Akamai and Cloudflare dominate the space.

Sure, it’s nice living on the Death Star. Lots of technology and lasers and a well functioning autocracy. Yes, they feed off other planets’ resources and can destroy them as a lesson to the rebels. Yes, they continue to grow even when net losses surpass $100 million dollars a year. Yes, they destroy competition through the sheer size of their power. Yes, they will find any way to monetize your freedom en route to more profits. But, remember what happens at the end of episode four A New Hope?

At Deflect we do things differently. We are a small dedicated team with a 10-year track record of successfully defending the most targeted online platforms. We are not beholden to profit seeking shareholders or financial lenders. “Principles before profits” is our stance. Join the Resistance and let’s chart a new path for the Galaxy and our small piece of it here online.

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  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Distributed Caching
  • Encryption Certificates
  • Email Support
  • $10/month minimum
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Single / Multi-site – 10GB
  • Migration support
  • Backup
  • $15/month minimum
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Non-profits, social movements, and other qualifying Rebel forces enjoy free Deflect services. All revenue is channelled towards this philanthropic goal, made possible by businesses like yours. This is the force we must use for an equitable network of the future!