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About Deflect

Deflect is a website security service built and operated by eQualitie. Deflect is powered by open source software, a global infrastructure and a dedicated team. In continuous operation since 2011, Deflect protects hundreds of websites, serving over a million daily readers. Our unique offering gives you the option of joining the Deflect service or running the software yourself, on premise. Deflect-protected websites served over 70 million unique readers in 2020, representing ~ 2% of the world’s population connected to the Internet.

Deflect is a proven anti-censorship technology, achieving enterprise-scale goals on a non-profit budget a fraction of parallel commercial efforts. Deflect has never refused service to qualifying organizations nor encouraged anyone to leave for attracting too many attacks. Our infrastructure has withstood malicious traffic in excess of 100Gbps.

Deflect is offered free of charge to qualifying individuals and organizations. Profits generated by the commercial offering are channelled to supporting hundreds of non-profits, independent media and civil society organizations around the world.