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Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of human rights, environment, media and civil society focused organizations to ensure that their websites are always reachable. Some of them shared a personal testimony, outlining their experiences on Deflect.

Zamaneh Media

We are very happy with our choice for the Deflect CDN. The move to Deflect went extremely smoothly and with zero downtime, despite the complicated nature of the transition. We really appreciate the excellent customer service and personal communication with the team: Deflect is open to discuss any request that we throw their way.Marcel Oomens, Zamaneh Media


We’re thankfull for another year of meaningful pertnerships committed to advancing our shared goal of fighting disinformation and promoting an enviroment of truthfulness. We are gretful for Deflect’s protection against the recent DDoS attack to VERA Files website. Sarah Escandor-Tomas, The VERA Files

Los Danieles

Thank you to Deflect who has protected us from so many cyber attacks. They have demonstrated that their technology can be used to protect freedom of expression.Daniel Samper, Los Danieles

Articulo 19

We love the transparency and clarity in the privacy policy and the personal support from Deflect.

Canada Tibet Committee

Without Deflect, our primary communication tool – the website – would be at a significantly higher risk of attack.

IPOS Solution

Companies including Cloudflare and Google PageSpeed, failed to protect IPOS’ election tracking poll against a major DDoS attack. Thank you, Deflect.


Deflect proved itself extremely helpful in protecting our website, and has allowed us to carry on with getting our information out to the public here in Israel, Palestine, and abroad.


Since we have connected to Deflect, there have been no problems. The guidelines are simple and clear. Technical support service responds faster than our remote system administrator.


Thank you for helping to defend freedom of speech online!

Mass Media Defence Centre

Deflect’s service has proven itself to be reliable, stable, and easy to manage. The support team is attentive and always ready to solve any problem. Any socially responsible business should know that by choosing Deflect, it is supporting dozens of non-profit, charitable, volunteer, and human rights organizations.Roman Zholud, Chief of the Information Services Department at Mass Media Defence Centre

Balcani Caucasio

Your help made us feel less vulnerable and also part of a wider spectrum of CSO’s committed to protecting rights, justice, and peace worldwide. Thank you once more for your solidarity and friendship, and, of course, for the protection you guarantee

Arakan Rohingya National Organisation

We came to know Deflect in June of 2012, when violence broke out in the Rakhine state of Myanmar, Burma. Our website, the first Rohingya News Agency, had been continuously attacked and went down. The Deflect team brought it back on-line and are still protecting it today.

The Tower

eQualitie really saved the day for us when our website was being attacked by the far-right, which caused us to lose our hosting. You all stepped in, offered to host the site and protected us from future attacks with Deflect.

VERA Files

We basically liked everything, particularly the principles with regards to respect for privacy and data ownership– we’re assured that Deflect won’t sell our data.

Children on the Edge

Thank you so much for your support in getting it back up and running and also for Deflect’s general support of nonprofits. It’s vital that our Ugandan team can communicate their work to their own networks, and we’re very grateful to have found a way to make that possible.