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  • Updates from Deflect – 3 – 2022
    This was a busy month for Deflect’s mitigation tooling, with Banjax blocking almost 12 million malicious requests launched by 108,294 different bots. Due to the war in Ukraine, many people turned to Deflect protected Ukrainian media sites for information. Throughout the month Deflect served 1,128,751,920 requests (almost double than the previous month) of which 283,570,50 […]
  • Updates from Deflect – 2 – 2022
    Since the beginning of this year, we have served over 1.5 billion website requests to approximately 13.5 million unique readers the world over! We mitigated over 17 distinct and significant attacks and kept our clients online 100% of the time! Our combined bot banning technology (machine lead predictions from Baskerville and confirmed anomalies by Banjax) […]
  • Deflect – a year in summary
    Once again, the Deflect network grew in size and audience in 2021. Apart from the continuously stellar work of our clients, what stood out the most for the Deflect team tasked with network monitoring and adversary mitigation – was the increasing sophistication and ‘precision’ of Baskerville, outperforming human rule sets written for the Banjax mitigation […]
  • Baskerville – dynamic model updates
    We extend our machine learning capability to accept feedback from clients on prediction accuracy and to be able to modify the model without any interruption of service.
  • Deflect partners with technology and media groups
    Deflect partners with technology and media groups around the world
  • Updates from Deflect – 2 – 2021
    Since the beginning of this year, we have served over 2 billion website hits to approximately 18 million unique readers the world over! Deflect referrer program; The Deflect referrer program creates a mutually beneficial commercial opportunity for our clients. You will receive 50% of the first full month’s fees charged to every new client that subscribed from the link on your website….
  • Kandinsky WordPress theme
    A new website creation framework ‘Kandinsky‘ has just been released as a WordPress theme by our friends from «Теплица социальных технологий» (Greenhouse for Social Technologies) in response to needs expressed by civil society groups. The free and open source release on Github offers three templates for installation and guides website creators with helpful tips and […]
  • Updates from Deflect – January 2021
    Giant leaps in our machine-lead mitigation tooling have removed some of the heavy load in mitigating attacks from our support team this month. We’re very pleased with the machine’s performance but it won’t replace the humans! Below, we share some traffic highlights, Deflect relevant events and stories from our clients. January Traffic Throughout the month […]
  • Introducing Baskerville (waf!)
    The more outré and grotesque an incident is the more carefully it deserves to be examined. ― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles Chapter 1 – Baskerville Baskerville is a machine operating on the Deflect network that protects  sites from hounding, malicious bots. It’s also an open source project that, in time, will […]
  • Deflect website security services for free in response to COVID-19
    In response and solidarity with numerous efforts that have sprung up to help with communications, coordination and outreach during the COVID-19 epidemic, eQualitie is offering Deflect website security and content delivery services for free until the end of 2020 to organizations and individuals working to help others during this difficult time. This includes: Availability: as […]
  • Deflect Labs Report #6: Phishing and Web Attacks Targeting Uzbek Human Right Activists and Independent Media
    The attacks leading to the publication of this report quickly stood out from the daily onslaught of malicious traffic on Deflect, at first because they were using professional vulnerability scanning tools like Acunetix. The moment we discovered that the origin server of these scans was also hosting fake gmail domains[…]
  • Deflect Labs Report #5 – Baskerville
    In this report, we look at the performance of the Deflect Labs’ new anomaly detection tool, Baskerville, in identifying a selection of the attacks seen on the Deflect platform during the last year. Baskerville is designed to consume incoming batches of web logs[…]
  • News from Deflect Labs: DDoS attacks against Caucasian Knot
    Key Findings In November and December 2018, we identified 3 DDoS attacks against independent media website Кавказский Узел (Caucasian Knot) The first attack was by far the largest DDoS attack seen by the Deflect project in 2018, clocking over 7.7 million queries in 4 hours The three attacks used different types of relays, including open […]
  • Deflect Labs Report #4 – Anatomy of a booter
    Key Findings We identified a DDoS attack against the Israeli human rights website www.btselem.org on the 2nd of November Attackers used three different type of relays to overload the website and were automatically mitigated by Deflect We identified the booter infrastructure (professional DDoS service) and accessed and analyzed its tools, which we describe in this article In […]
  • News From Deflect Labs: Botnet Targeting WordPress Websites
    Key Findings We identified traffic from thousands of IPs trying to brute-force WordPress websites protected by Deflect using the same user-agent (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0) since September 2017 We confirmed that it was not only targeting Deflect protected websites, but targeting also a large number of websites over Internet We analyze in […]
  • News From Deflect Labs: DDoS attacks against Vietnamese Civil Society
    Key Findings We identified 10 different DDoS attacks targeting two Vietnamese websites protected by Deflect, viettan.org and baotiengdan.com, between the 17th of April and 15th of June 2018. These attacks happened in the context of an important lack of Internet Freedom in Vietnam with regular online attacks against activists and independent media. We sorted these […]
  • Distributed Deflect – project review
    This is the fifth year of Deflect operations and an opportune time to draw some conclusions from the past and provide a round of feedback to our many users and peers. We fought and won several hundred battles with various distributed denial of service and social engineering attacks against us and our clients, expanding the […]
  • Deflect Labs report #3 – attack analysis of blacklivesmatter.com
    Seamus Tuohy and eQualitie This report covers attacks between April 29th and October 15th, 2016. Over this seven-month period, we recorded more than a hundred separate denial-of-service incidents against the official Black Lives Matter website. Our analysis shows a variety of technical methods used in attempts to bring down this website and the characterization of […]
  • Deflecting cyber attacks against the Black Lives Matter website
    Last week and throughout the weekend, Deflect helped mitigate several DDoS attack bursts against the official Black Lives Matter website. At current estimates over 12,000 bots pounded the website just over 35 million times in 24 hours. An unusual trait of this attack was the prevalence of  malicious connections originating from the US. An in-depth […]
  • Deflect Labs Report #2
    Botnet attack analysis of Deflect protected website bdsmovement.net This report covers attacks between February 1st and March 31st of six discovered incidents targeting the bdsmovement.net website, including methods of attack, identified botnets and their characteristics. It provides detailed technical information and analysis of trends with the introduction of the Bothound library for attack fingerprinting and […]