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Deflect comes fully loaded with everything your website needs to stay online. Every Deflect client receives all services and the same level of support regardless of plan type. Our plans are tiered according to unique monthly visitors (UIPs). We feel that this is the most transparent and fair pricing option to offer.

We don’t charge extra for mitigating attacks or for answering support questions. If you are looking for managed and secure WordPress hosting, you can opt for Deflect + eQPress when signing up. All prices listed below are in USD.


$200 / mo
  • 200,000 UIPs included *
  • DDoS mitigation incl. L7
  • 99.99% network up-time
  • Multilingual support


$140 / mo
  • 100,000 UIPs included *
  • DDoS mitigation incl. L7
  • 99.99% network up-time
  • Multilingual support


$72 / mo
  • 40,000 UIPs included *
  • DDoS mitigation incl. L7
  • 99.99% network up-time
  • Multilingual support


$0.002 / IP
  • $10 minimum
  • DDoS mitigation incl. L7
  • 99.99% network up-time
  • Multilingual support

* Overage for UIPs exceeding the monthly limits charged at Comfort rate.

Deflect + eQPress

Add eQPress with your Deflect subscription for our secure hosting framework for WordPress websites. Benefit from customized security features beyond what’s provided by standard hosting providers. You can add eQPress when choosing your plan for a flat rate of $49 / month. Learn more.

How We Count unique IPs (UIP)

The total number of unique IPs is tallied based on total number of legitimate individual IP addresses at the end of the calendar month. If a reader visits your website every day from the same IP address, that will equal 1 unique visitor for that calendar month, no matter how often they visit your website.

Unique is fair

Other providers might charge you based on website hits, website visits, megabytes of bandwidth, disk space and many other metrics. Some providers charge premiums during attacks. We opt for fair, consistent and predictable low-cost pricing that serves our clients fairly. Malicious bots or traffic generated during an attack are not something that you will pay for either, as these IPs will not be counted in your monthly pricing. Customers that tally over 90% of their pre-paid monthly limits will be immediately notified by email, with an option to upgrade their plan or continue billing at ‘Comfort’ prices.

Every Client is Equal

On Deflect and eQPress, everyone receives the same high level of service and access to infrastructure, regardless of how much you pay per month. We will never interrupt your services or terminate your contract for using higher-than-average amounts of our resources. We are 100% there if you find your site under increasing attacks and continuously help you with website configuration and performance.

Full Transparency and Oversight

Our statistics are calculated in-house – we do not ship your data off to any third party. You will be able to see hourly traffic statistics in your control panel.

Non-profits, social movements, and other qualifying social causes receive Deflect services for free. We do this by channelling commercial revenue towards our philanthropic goal, made possible by businesses like yours. Read more about our non-profit clients here.