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eQPress Hosting

eQPress is a secure hosting framework built and managed for you, by the Deflect team. It offers additional protection to WordPress built websites, and includes our customized features on top of the standard WordPress dashboard.

  • cache control – improving responsiveness for website editors
  • lock down – preventing malicious code injection and the creation of any new content
  • remote backup – snapshots and differential
  • advanced control – theme and plugin editorial
  • multilingual support

You can choose to host a single instance or a multi-site installation using subdomains (https://sub.example.com) or sub-directories (https://example.com/sub) There are no limits for bandwidth or memory usage and each installation can be allocated with 10GB of disk space.

As per all of our projects, this framework is open source and available to current Deflect clients.

To create a website on eQPress, you need to sign up with Deflect first. Once your website is behind Deflect, you can request eQPress hosting from the control panel. You can build a new website or migrate your current site to eQPress.

Why managed WordPress hosting?

After several years protecting sites against cyber attacks using our distributed caching infrastructure, we’ve found that often the weakest link in websites’ overall defences are the hosting providers (and servers) of our clients, which are poorly resourced and easily susceptible to social engineering. Leveraging our team’s experience with infrastructure hardening and secure service provision, we decided to offer a complete security platform service to our clients by offering secure hosting in addition to web content caching and attack mitigation. This is what eQPress is all about: a secure, stable and user-friendly hosting infrastructure based on the WordPress blogging platform and protected by Deflect.