• For civil society groups and individuals working to defend human rights and create independent media
  • Completely free, no hidden fees or surcharges, no data reselling, your data is yours and encrypted

Get Protected, Stay Connected.

Deflect keeps your website online, responsive, and reliable. Your business helps support our not-for-profit activities.


99.99% uptime during 9 years of operations. Multiple mitigation strategies for persistent content availability.


We don't sell or share your data with anyone. Data rights and privacy define our service.


Upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Open source code. Clear terms of use and privacy notice.

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Introducing Baskerville (waf!)

Deflect features


Secure Wordpress hosting framework. Single or multisite.


Real-time traffic statistics and attack intelligence

Encrypted connections

Automated provisioning of Let's Encrypt certificates

Human support

Multilingual, around-the-clock network and client support. Currently in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Advanced mitigation

We have built up years of experience and technical expertise to mitigate large and sophisticated attacks on your website.

Control panel

A graphical interface to manage all Deflect features, for your users and admins

Deflect options

Protect your website on the Deflect infrastructure, benefiting from all service features and multilingual support. Fixed pricing based on unique monthly visitors.

Install core Deflect services on your own infrastructure. Enable premium features. Receive regular software updates and professional support. Control your data and sovereignty. Coming soon...

Offer Deflect to your customers under your own brand. Software updates and professional support included. Contact us.

Why Deflect?


Fixed pricing based on unique monthly visitors. No hidden fees or extra charges. DDoS protection included! Open source code and clear documentation.


Deflect offers a principled approach to Internet service provision. We are privacy focused. No data sharing or brokerage. We wont put profits before principles.


We designed Deflect to respect data privacy, ownership and sovereignty. Our network encrypts data in transit and at-rest. We stick to protocols for ensuring your privacy and security. Traffic analytics are performed in-house.

Socially Conscious

We are a public benefit corporation with over 8 years experience on the Internet frontline. Commercial profits are fed directly into supporting our not-for-profit work protecting civil society and independent media websites.

Deflect Labs provides real-time and historic traffic analytic, machine-lead behavioral classification and mitigation. Learn about your fans and enemies.


Total hits served (past 24 hours)


Total IPs banned (past 24 hours)

Get protected, stay connected

Why Deflect

  • 25 million monthly readers.
  • Fair and transparent. No hidden fees.
  • Socially responsible and principled.
  • No data resale or brokerage.
  • Customer support focused.


How much will you pay?

Deflect pricing is based on unique monthly visitors to your website. To estimate your costs with Deflect, enter your current monthly visits.