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On premise

Deflect offers a unique opportunity to run the entire code base on your own infrastructure. This may be important to you for:

  • Privacy – controlling data processing and storage medium
  • Cost – keeping a handle on infrastructure and bandwidth costs
  • Legal – managing data compliance and sovereignty
  • Autonomy – limiting reliance on third parties

In an age of cloud computing, we are beginning to realize the true costs of shipping responsibility (and data) to third parties for providing infrastructure solutions to your company and clients. From privacy concerns and lack of cross-border data protection; compliance issues stemming from the GDPR, to simple budgetary assurances for planning infrastructure and data carrying costs. The cloud is easy, but its not cheap and its not yours.

Deflect On-Premise allows you to run a code base developed over eight years of production experience and continual improvement to client-facing dashboards and sys-admin automation. Deploying this code on your own infrastructure and having it serviced internally or by the Deflect team, reduces your technical costs and improve data ownership, regulatory compliance.

Contact us for more details.